Shipping Policy

Shipping Methods
The Tile Place offers multiple types of shipping methods to meet our customer needs.
Local Deliveries- Delivered usually by our own company trucks. Typically delivered within 3 days.

Local Freight Forwarder- Delivered for export LTL and FTL. Typically delivered within 3 days.

Factory Direct to Customer-  Full container loads only, shipped from factory to customer local port.

LTL Freight Carrier- Delivered by Shipper Carrier. Orders of products over 75 lbs.  All freight delivery dates will be based off the estimated delivery date (Provided by the carrier) plus the 1-3 days order preparation time. The customer will be notified after the product has been picked up and shipped. Carrier will contact the customer to schedule the date and time of delivery. All orders shipped will take an estimated 5-10 business days total (order to delivery).

FedEx, UPS and USPS- Orders of products under 75 lbs. All delivery dates will be based off the tracking number provided when the product is shipped. Orders are shipped within 3 days.

When your order arrives, you want to be sure the quantities match what you ordered. To guarantee customer satisfaction, please make note of the following when receiving your order: 

  • Inspect the condition and entirety of the shipment, make sure to note missing items or damaged materials. You will need to examine the shipment and count each item to make sure everything ordered has been received.
  • All deliveries are curbside. Someone must be home to take the material from the trailer to your home. The driver will only unload to the curbside and is not allowed to enter your home.

Any damaged or missing items must be noted on your delivery receipt. If not noted, it increases the amount of time required to seek resolution.  See our Damages Policy for more information.